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There is No Better Place to Relax

There is no better place to relax after a hard day’s work than on a snug, soft sofa. That’s why, at A.M.I Sofas4u, in Blackburn, Lancashire, we manufacture superb Chesterfield sofas and leather suites so you may put your feet up and lounge in luxury.

Creating the Perfect Sofa

Although the right ready-made suites bring style to your living area, custom sofas enhance your home interior with an added personal stamp. At A.M.I Sofas4u we create stylish furniture tailored to your exact tastes, so you always receive the perfect solution. Our friendly consultants inspire you to share your creative ideas, and invite you to add your own personal touches to the furniture.

Tailoring Sofas to Your Taste

Simply show one of our approachable consultants an image or drawing of the sofa you have in mind to begin your unique design journey. Our talented manufacturers produce units to suit rooms of any size. We customise each aspect of the sofa, including the borders, using leather and fabric. We are even able to create a sofa that is half leather, half fabric for a more unique look.

Making Traditional Chesterfield Sofas

Add class to your living area by installing a timeless Chesterfield sofa for a stately look. Our specialists skilfully manufacture traditional Chesterfields for those who adore classic style, as well as contemporary sofas for clients with modern living spaces. We stock pre-made pieces, including low-back and Queen Anne chairs. However, we also make custom Chesterfield sofas to any size.

Designing Custom-Made Seating Areas

Corner sofas are perhaps our most popular units due to their contemporary style and versatility. Of course, our skilled manufacturers are able to produce furniture of any style. We even make custom bar-seating areas to your individual specification. In addition to sofas, we produce leather or fabric boards and deep-button beds to suit your needs.

Producing Elegant Leather Suites

As a long-established sofa manufacturing company, we take pride in our sterling reputation. Well-known as leading leather sofa specialists, we cater to your exact requests. Perhaps you own a three-piece furniture suite and wish to re-cover it in quality leather. No matter your requirements, our diligent staff work to photographs and drawings to accommodate your needs.

Delivering Exceptional Quality

Rest assured that you always receive a first-class service at A.M.I
Sofas4u. We offer the added security of a five-year guarantee on our furniture. Clients frequently praise the quality of our workmanship, as well as the affordable rates we offer. Although many of our clients are commercial, we take pride in our passion for the domestic market and endeavour to serve customers in this sector.

Providing an Expert Aftercare Service

We ensure your sofa remains in optimum condition by providing
an expert aftercare service. Our friendly staff are happy to provide expert advice at any given time. Once we have delivered your sofa we demonstrate how to clean it properly, and how to treat any scratches or marks. Our advice goes a long way towards saving you time and money.

Browse our Exquisite Sofas

At A.M.I Sofas4u we invite you to pay a visit to our store to view samples of our stylish products. Many clients pinpoint details they adore, such as buttoning on the leather sofas or fabrics, and often comment on our impressive upholstering. As well as the unparalleled quality of our products, you are able to view the manufacturing process itself.

Contact us, in Blackburn, Lancashire, to find out more about the traditional Chesterfield sofas and custom leather suites we design.

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