About A.M.I Sofas4u

In Blackburn, Lancashire

About A.M.I Sofas4u

Call upon the experts at A.M.I Sofas4u, in Blackburn,Lancashire, when you are in search of the perfect bespoke furniture piece. Our founder is supported by more than 35 years of experience, which he uses to create intricate designs alongside his skilled son, who has been in the industry for more than a decade. We take great pride in our exquisite workforce, and even employ a buttoner with an impressive portfolio developed over the course of 40 years.

Delivering a One-Stop Sofa Service

As specialists in quality sofas and corner sofas, we are your first port-of-call for hassle-free furniture installation. Many typical sofa companies do rely on the support of multiple businesses to complete apiece of furniture. Owing to our talent, however, we offer a beginning-to-end service from design to delivery. Every aspect, from the structure to the buttoning, is handmade by our team.

We work hard to:

  • Cut Out the Design
  • Form the Structure
  • Button the Sofa
  • Perfect the Finish 
  • Add Stylish Studs 
  • Place the Sofa In Our Van
  • Deliver the perfect Sofa To You

Meticulously Handcrafting our Designs

Look no further than A.M.I Sofas4u for sofa designs with personality.

Each one of our pieces is completely unique, meaning you will not find the same design elsewhere.

Our diligent workforce take particular care to hand-cut features and enhance the sofa’s look with deep buttoning. Of course, all of our sofas showcase our distinct brand, offering an unrivalled level of class.

Working With Exclusive TV Companies

Owing to our exceptional reputation, we work closely with leading companies in the media industry.

Our fabulous furniture has featured on major television programmes, including Hollyoaks and Eastenders, as well as popular television channels such as Dave.

What’s more, we have created six sofas for the Russian Embassy, which are of course, exquisite in design.

Promptly Delivering
Your Sofas

For added convenience, we deliver your sofa at a time that suits your schedule. As a reliable company, we offer swift, safe deliveries.

The time taken to deliver your furniture may vary between three and four weeks depending on whether you order a four- or six-piece suite. 

Additionally, a small charge may be incurred in accordance with the distance of the delivery.

Offering Highly Competitive Rates

Take advantage of our competitive rates to receive exceptional value for money. Once you have given us your specification, we provide a quote determined by the size of the furniture.

We work out the cost in accordance with the type of fabric or leather, which may be a budget, mid-grade, or top-grade material at your choice. As an honest company we discuss prices with each client individually.

A Deposit to Secure Your Delivery

Prior to the commission, we require a 25% deposit. Once you have paid the deposit we provide an accurate estimation of the delivery date. Upon the delivery of your furniture, you will pay the rest of the balance. Taking a flexible approach, we accept debit cards, cash, and bank transfers for added simplicity. However, we are unable to accept cheques.

Contact usin Blackburn, Lancashire, to discover more about the bespoke furniture we create as talented manufacturers.

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